Munich :: Bavaria’s Best

Day 1
I arrived a little after 10:30am to the hostel, Wombat’s, which is literally right across from the Hauptbanhof and next to all of the other hostels. I was a little tired from a very uncomfortable train ride, but wanted to make the most of my last few days, so I went on the exclusive free walking tour offered by the hostel. We saw the churches, the town hall including the 12pm chiming clock, Christmas markets, and where the Nazi party was founded. Overall, the tour was only decent. The tour guide was extremely pompous, arrogant and kept talking about tipping him. Plus, he was very preachy about Bavaria and Munich. It was borderline obnoxious. After the tour was over (4 hours long!), we deplored a bit of the Christmas markets and headed back for warmth, but not before getting lost, after we were told there was no way to get lost in Munich. Ha, I’ll prove you wrong, tour guide! I went to the hostel bar for my free welcome drink and met another guy from the walking tour. We got to chatting and just hung out for a bit. Another girl, Lizzie, this sweet, young thing from Liverpool was traveling alone as well, but hadn’t plucked up,the courage to talk to anyone, so I went over and asked if she wanted to grab a cheap kebab with us around the corner. So, the 3 of us had döner kebab for the cheap price of €4 and hung out for a good portion of the night, before retiring for the evening.

Day 2
I woke up the next morning, and David, who I had met on my walking tour wanted to go to Füssen to see Nueschwanstein Castle. I couldn’t find him, so I was resolved to head up alone, but I wound up sitting at the breakfast table with 2 brothers, Andrew and Alex, who were also heading up there at the same time. I was running a bit behind, so I met them at the platform. We waited and waited until we heard an announcement that the train was delayed for an unspecified amount of time due to an accident on the rail line. Apparently, a man had jumped to his death. It was kind of sad, but apparently it is quite frequent and he had inconvenienced so many people! The horror! Everyone jumped off the train and made our way to the S Bahn station below, but that line was also not going due to the accident, so our only other option was to wait for the next train or try going tomorrow. We got on the next train, which was running a bit late, but it still got us there. We missed our connection, so the 4 of us (we found David!) went to Lidl for snacks in the meantime. After 4 hours of trying to get there, we finally arrived, pushed our way on to a bus (€4.20 return) and got to the closest point before we had to start walking up the mountain full of horse poop and brown snow slush. Yummy. We made it though, and took a ton of photos for the landing, but we knew that the most iconic photos of the castle were from the bridge, which had been poorly sectioned off due to snow. We didn’t let that stop us, so we jumped over the side and slipped and slid while I pounced in the snow to the bridge. Along our journey, we met these 2 guys, Aaron and Scott, from Minnesota who we started hanging out with. We finally made it to the bridge after some humorous attempts due to ice and it was well worth it. Absolutely incredible. Cinderella would have been so proud. We all slowly made our way down the mountain and checked out the other castle in the area, which was also very pretty, just not as impressive. We got back down to the train station in time for the 5pm train back to Munich. We had all decided to grab some drinks and dinner together when we got back to Munich, so we all went to our respective hostels, freshened up and we went to Euro Youth to drink and went to Augustiner Brew House for dinner. I actually tried beer, and it was good! It was some of the most fun I’ve had. Afterwards, David, Alex and Andrew said goodnight, but Scott, Aaron and I still wanted to go out. We got a few more drinks and then tried to find a good nightclub. Due to some unfavorable weather of sleet, we ended up under some sort of landing and made friends with some locals, Louis and Mermin, who we followed to a bar around the corner. We hung out for a few hours before I left and slept off the amount of alcohol I had just ingested.

Day 3
Woke up feeling like a champ, so I met up with the guys agin and we made our way over to BMW Welt and the Olympic Park. I feel like BMW Welt is better than Disneyland. I even got to ride in a small 1959 Capetta around the world. We checked out the cars, motorcycles and then went over to the museum, which cost too much money to get into, so we walked over to the Olympic stadium and checked out the memorial to the 16 slain Israeli Olympic athletes. After a so, I’d few hours, we headed back into town to relax and have some down time before heading out for dinner and hopefully this time, the club. We all met up at my hostel and shared some drinks, including the €5 pitchers of beer, where I saw Lizzie again and invited her to join the gang. After drinking to our hearts’ content, we went to this small place that apparently has some bomb schnitzel, although I did not partake as it was pork and settled on a baked potato and salad with a glass of wine for only €10. Unfortunately, two members of our pack were getting on a night train to Venice, so we said our goodbyes and headed to Sauna. The alcohol was definitely hitting me more tonight than last night. We got in, checked our coats and went up to the bar to order and guess who we see? Louis! The guy we hung out with all last night. He buys us rounds and rounds of shots while we listen to some awesome 80’s jams. It must have been getting late, so we all left and went back to my hostel to chill out, or in my case, flat out pass out. Yay alcohol?

Day 4
I woke up still drunk from the night before, so to say I did anything, especially since it was a Sunday in Bavaria, is to tell a lie. I went to the train station, bought my night ticket supplement, went in search of food (yay, huge €3 slice of pizza) and wandered around the somewhat deserted Christmas markets. I then waited around the train station for a train that wasn’t coming and had to figure out a new solution on how to make my night train from Mannheim. Stressful end, but that’s Europe, amiright?!

I made my way all the way back up to Oslo on 4 trains taking a total of 29 hours, including waiting time, for my flight on Tuesday.

I still can’t believe this is the end and that in less than 48 hours I will be home. I may physically be coming back, my heart will always be with those amazing memories and friends that I have made along the way. I will write a post Europe recap when I arrive home, and maybe sleep for a day or two. Until then, I hope that through my experience, you will find that Europe is an incredible place that can be much more affordable than many people believe.


Let it all out.

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