Prague :: Party On

I arrived in Prague very late, around 11pm after an 8 hour train ride. I checked in to a party already going on; the music was loud and crazy and people had been drinking for hours. The hostel hosts at Hostel One Home were so kind, they offered me apple juice, dinner and cookies right away. Then, they asked if I was ready to come out to party with them that night. I had just come off Budapest and knew that my body needed sleep desperately. I politely refused and said goodnight to all the party revelers.

Day 1
I swear I had meant to get up early to see a few things in Prague, but my body thought better of it. After waking up at 11:30 (!), I showered and got ready for my day. I stopped at Bohemia Bagel for lunch and then joined a free walking tour, which was great and very informative, led by a local. After returning to the hostel, I got ready for the evening by eating the free dinner with everyone and having a bottle of wine. We were going out! We started off at this rock bar called Harley’s, where we danced, drank, and partied away. What was turning out to be a great night was very abruptly changed when a friend lost our coat check ticket and the coat check staff turned out to be rude, machoginistic pigs. They yelled at us, pushed a friend and told us to come back at 3am. We decided to go to another bar close by and thank god for gentleman who gave us their coats otherwise we would have froze. At 3, we went back to retrieve our coats and they denied us again, telling us to come back at 6am. I was livid at this point, went back to the hostel and waited until 6am. My friend fell asleep, so I went back to the bar, where they pushed me into the coat check area, I grabbed my friend’s jacket, but my jackets that I had out inside of hers were no longer there. I had a major freak out as these huge men were telling me to leave. I told them I wasn’t leaving without my shit. So I went through the jackets again and found them hanging up, separately. The huge bouncer grabbed them from me and asked if there was anything to identify that see jackets were mine. Uh, no dude, I don’t keep stuff in my pockets in case you would steal them. After giving him specific information on my jacket, he finally pushed them into my arms and I left. Lesson learned: never coat check.

Day 2
I passed out at 7am and woke up the next day around 12:30pm. Feeling exhausted and drained from the night before, I kept it an easy day, just chilling in the hostel, doing some light walking and exploring a bit of the old town. A big group got together and we all went to the beer museum (really, just a bar) to sample some local beer before dinner. After hosing down on vegetarian chili, we started our night by going to the brother hostel and hanging out with that group before heading to a huge nightclub. We had a ton of fun dancing the night away until we left at 2:30 to get some sleep so I could maybe actually do some things in the morning.

Day 3
I woke up relatively early at 9am, but feeling a little under the weather or otherwise known as Pragapestitis, I decided against going to KutnĂ  Hora and seeing the bone church, something I really wanted to see. Next time. I went shopping and got a new sweater and beanie to face the snow that is coming my way in Krakow and Munich. I walked around a bit of the old town again, exploring new areas before heading back to the hostel to meet up for the Praha hockey game. Huge, sold out game between Sparta and Slavia, two teams in Prague. It was crazy how much the fans get in to it. They take off their shirts, bang drums, set off confetti and just go nuts for their respective team. We got back to the hostel around 8pm, ate dinner and then I got ready to catch my night train to Krakow. So crazy that I really only have 1 more week in Europe!


Let it all out.

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