Salzburg :: The Hills are Alive…

Sorry for the late posts, I’ve been really living it up here for the past month. I stayed in Salzburg from Nov 2-5,for your frame of reference dear reader.

Day 1
I arrived to Salzburg after a shirt 2 hour train ride. Trying to gain my bearing, the only directions provided to me were to take the bus to the hostel, so I hopped on one not really having any idea of where I was going because it had started getting dark around 5pm. Whenever I take public transport, I’m always convinced that I’ve made a mistake, that I’m going the wrong direction or I’m going to be stranded somewhere, especially when it takes too long. But luckily, the stop that was promised arrived and I checked in to the hostel. Talking to the receptionist, I found out that everything is closed on Sundays and the grocery store is only open for another 30 minutes. I dashed across the road and picked up some of the essentials for food. Only €13 too!

I returned to the hostel, made myself a quick dinner and set in for an early night. However, I wound up meeting these really awesome girls from Boston, Tammy and Tina, and we hung out for a good chunk of the night and had made a plan to see things in the morning.

Day 2
We woke and got ready for our adventure. However, the weather disagreed with us and decided to pour down buckets as we were walking. We made it to Mirabelle Platz (the gardens where they sing Do-Ray-Me in the film) and promptly headed back due to the fact that we were soaked to the bone. After changing and relaxing for a few hours, the rain finally let up and we went to explore the fortress, Hohensalzburg Fortress, and take some incredible pictures of the sunset. After our exhausting, cold day, there is nothing better than warm Austrian food. Seeing as this was Sunday, during a holiday weekend, in Europe, our choices were limited. Thankfully, the hostel gave us a great recommendation of a place nearby, Ürban Keller where I got Austrian cheese dumplings and a salad, all for less than €10. I say that is a sweet deal. Well, after our failed attempts of trying to find the filming locations for The Sound of Music, we ended the night with a free showing at our hostel. It was awesome and the perfect end to the evening.

Day 3
Needing some bit of rest and relaxation, I stayed in for the morning while Tammy and Tina went to do some hiking. After pulling myself out of bed, I went and tried to check out the rest of the filming locations. Since this was a Monday in Europe, it means that even less is open than on Sundays. I was able to see the Nunnenberg Abbey, where the real Maria stayed, walked through many squares where they sang, tried to go to the concert hall, but that was closed and finished out my day checking out some Mozart locations. I headed back to the hostel and found Tammy, so we ventured to the grocery store to get some food and do a bit of a potluck that night. We all had to get up early to pack and hit the train, so we hung out and just chatted nonstop.


Let it all out.

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