Dubrovnik :: Pearl of the Adriatic

I was in Dubrovnik from Nov 11-13, for a time reference. I am catching up a bit, sorry this is all so late!

Day 1
We arrived later than originally anticipated, but we went in search of food in the old town, only to discover prices were WAY above any of our budgets. We settled on a place outside of the city walls that was mediocre at best. I had some fries, just to satiate the hunger and made myself soup when we returned to the hostel. We hung out, got to know one another and called it a night, but not before some cheap boxed wine and ice cream. By the way, Dubrovnik is teeming with stray cats, so if you the garbage bag and see it moving, those would be the scavengers. I thought about stealing one of the smaller ones, but they don’t let you get close enough.

Day 2
The weather was absolutely terrible, so Alex and I decided to walk to the bus station so we could book tickets to our respective places. I booked a night bus from Dubrovnik to Zagreb for 204 HRK, where I could catch a train to Budapest. It hurt the bank, for sure. Plus, additional luggage is not included, so when you get to the bus, you have to fork over an additional 8 HRK. After my griping, we went to the grocery store for some food and walked back the almost 2.5km, chatting and taking in the sights. We returned back to the hostel, hung around a it thanks to a downpour and waited for Matt to get back to figure out what we were doing that night. I cooked myself some dinner, met some new people in the hostel, and from there, we all went out to this pub, where everyone shared in the 99 HRK 3L beer tap. I chose to have a few shots of rakija, the local distiller brandy and it was delicious. So many different favors, but I had settled on cherry and honey. We had an incredible time, but I knew I wanted to get some things done the next day, so around 1am, I left and headed back to the hostel. I wound up getting into a good book and when everyone else came back at 3, I finally went to sleep.

Day 3
The next day, Alex, Jacqui and I went up and climbed the city walls. It’s a bit expensive at 90 HRK a person, but it’s the #1 attraction there and definitely worth it.





As you can see, just breathtaking. As we were walking along the walls, we stopped to take some photos and wound up seeing a family down below. The little boy was running around, up and down the rocks stark naked and the father was doing some sort of sexual yoga and stretching, all while the mother looked on. We just could not stop watching this scene unfolding. It was absolutely hilarious and at one point, we laughed so loud that the wife pointed up to her husband to let him know that he had an audience. After walking around for a couple of hours and our little show, we descended and wound up walking around the harbor area to see about getting gelato and some better photos of the ocean. We all got soaking wet thanks to high tide and wound up running into Matt, who had just woken up. We found a really cool church and set our sits on one of the cliff bars. We found one, took some amazing photos and made our way through alleys back to the old town main area. We wanted to get to the fort, but on our way there, we wound up finding some sort of filming crew. I asked what it was for and apparently it was for a Croatian soap and they were setting up and waiting for dark. Excited, we went back to the hostel to relax, and then with a huge group of people, we went back and watched them film. It was incredible.


After it was over, we headed to the grocery store, me for snacks, and everyone else for food to make for dinner. We all made some different food and shared a bit of it, but after all of that excitement, I had to catch the bus to make my other bus.
That bus ride was very interesting. I slept for an hour, stopping for passport checks in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and again in Croatia 10 minutes later. Then, in the middle of the night, we met up with another bus, where they shuttled everyone over to that one. Of course, the one person that was snoring was an old man, and he had to sit directly behind me. I tried to get some sleep with all of the frequent stops and lights, but I ended up with very little.


Let it all out.

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