Innsbruck :: Austria was a Good Idea

After getting into Milan, I had no plans really of where I was going. I had planned on going to Venice for a couple days, but with nowhere to stay due to a state holiday, I just kept riding the trains to where it sounded good. I took a train to Verona and then just kept going all the way up to Innsbruck. As soon as I got off the train, I knew I made a good choice. I went to the tourist info center to see if there was any available accommodation. This was a very exhilarating and scary moment for me since this was the first time I rolled into a town without a plan or place to stay. But just my luck, there was a hostel that had room for the night. I walked over to the hostel through the main square and town which was bustling with people celebrating the holiday. The hostel was perfect. Quiet, comfortable and came with a nice bathroom, kitchen and free breakfast in the morning. Since I was exhausted from my long 17.5 hour journey and I was alone, I relaxed, watched movies and only ventured out to grab something to make for dinner. It was amazing.

The next day, I wanted to check out a few sites of the town. So, trying very hard to not spend a ton of money, I peeked into some churches, checked out the palace, the Golden Roof (the main attraction in Innsbruck) and Swarovski museum


Let it all out.

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