Lake Como :: Italian Surprise

Arriving into Como on one of the last trains, I made sure I understood the directions on how to get to the hostel, located in Menaggio, just up the lake. Knowing that the last bus going up to Menaggio left at 8:20pm, I made sure that I was on that bus. So I waited, and waited, and waited and the bus finally showed up around 8:50. It’s Italy, go figure. Winding down the road, making everyone on the bus ever so slightly nauseated, we arrived an hour later in front of the hostel. While waiting for the bus, I met these 3 American students studying abroad that were going to the same hostel, so we struck up a conversation and helped each other find our destination.
I checked in and went to my room, setting up the bed and meeting my roommates. We chatted for a bit and then I went to sleep.
I woke up the next morning to rain. Feeling slightly perturbed by this situation, I tried to make the best of it and hope that the rain would stop. Around noon, it finally let up, so one of my roommates from Australia and I went for a hike. We saw the house used in “Casino Royale” and beautiful views of Lake Como. It started raining again our hike, but it was fine because we had some shady trees keeping us (mostly) dry. We walked down the hill and made our way back to the hostel for gelato and then lunch. Then with the American students, we all went out to the #2 ranked place to eat in Menaggio (the #1 place is the gelato shop). We had some pretty good pizza and wine and went back to the hostel, where for only €5, you got a liter of wine. So we ordered some red and white and sat and talked with the staff until it was time for bed.
The next day I was planning on going on a boat tour, but thanks to the wine, I was not up for being on a boat for 3 hours. Plus, the overcast foggy weather was not ideal for seeing all of the villas. So, my new Australian friend and I made our way to the train station to head down to Florence.

It truly is a beautiful place, but I definitely went during the wrong time of the year. The next time I come back, it will be during the summer.


Let it all out.

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