Cost Recap :: Paris

With our stay of almost a weeks, we spent some serious dough. I am going to include all costs, including our nice meal out, even though George paid for it. Gotta keep tabs on all of it. So, with 7 days and 6 nights, we spent:

€329.50 :: Accommodation
€198.50 :: Food + Drinks
€93.20 :: Transport (metro, train)
€136.80 :: Tours, Entrance Fees, Tastings

Holy cow! With the exchange rate not really fluctuating at $1.35 to €1, we are looking at a jaw-dropping $1,025.52.

Per person, per day, it equals out to $73.25. It is our highest per day rate yet due to the number of items including a nice dinner and a ton of activities. My conclusion: it was worth it.


Let it all out.

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