Champagne, Darling

Oh, our final day in Paris, and I wanted to go out with a bang. Well, more of a “pop”. We arrived nice and early for a train out to Reims, in the champagne region, about 45 minutes outside Paris. Well, we missed the train by 2 minutes, so we had to sit and wait for almost 2 hours for the next one, since it was the weekend. We made the best of it by grabbing some breakfast, snacks and watching how mutilated the pigeons are in France. We finally got there though, stopped for lunch at the French istitution that is Quick and then stopped for some amazing local pastries and finally made our way out of town a bit to the champagne tasting rooms at Taittinger.

For €12, we were taken through their chalk caves where they keep their bottles. The caves were originally part of a 1st century Roman mine and later a 13th century abbey and there is still evidence of both with chisel marks from the Romans and stairs from the abbey.

After our tour into the depths of the cave, we were treated to a tasting. I think they miscalculated how many there were of us, so we wound up having 3 glasses each before they started giving us looks and took the glasses away.

Next, we hit up Pommery, where we did a tasting of one champagne each since it was a bit pricey and headed back into town to see the Reims Notre Dame where kings had been crowned for centuries as well as an Roman arch to the original city before catching our train back into Paris.

We returned back into the city to make a quick dash to pick up our bags and head down the St. Lazare station to catch our night train to Barcelona. Sun, beach and warmth were definitely desired.

Au revoir, Paris, jusqu’a prochain fois.


Let it all out.

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