C’est la Vie en Paris :: Day 6

After our whirlwind of a day during the previous 24 hours, we decided to have a nice break. We walked around Montmartre, ate crepes, went to one of the best boulongeries in Paris and saw Runner, Runner in VO, version orginale. It was quite a nice day and a great walk around the whole area including seeing some umm…interesting parts of town, the more ethnic areas, to be precise. All that fun led us to hanging out back at the hostel and completely losing the time.

The Musèe de Louvre is free on Friday nights from 6-9:45pm to anyone that is a teacher or under 26, which qualifies us. Woo hoo! We got to the museum around 7pm and I made a beeline to the Mona Lisa, anticipating a huge crowd of people. The last time I was there, I was almost suffocated by the insane tourists. This time, there were less people and it was more enjoyable to see it.

After seeing her, we walked around viewing all of the Jesus paintings, as I like to call them and going to see the Venus de Milo statue. We then browsed around the Egyptian area and wound up in the original structure of the Louvre back when it was a fortification. Very cool and I had no idea it even existed.

Since George was feeling a bit under the weather, we decided to call it a night and head back to the hostel for some dinner and sleep.

Goodnight moon.



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