Ribe :: Oldest Danish Town

We arrived a wee bit late to Ribe…by about 3 hours thanks to some bad directions. We had booked a lovely B&B and I felt a little guilty about arriving so late. We also had no map, only an address and the train station was long locked up for the night since it is a small town of about 9,000 people. Thankfully, most places in Europe have town maps out in front of the station so a quick 10 minute walk and we were at our destination. Our hostess was nice enough to let us in and we watched a bit of TV and hit the sack.

We woke up the next morning to check out all the town has offer, which is beautiful streets, old houses, great, large churches and Tiger. Greatest store ever. It’s got a ton of knick knacks which my mom would love all at super cheap prices, especially for Denmark. We bought a couple of things, including an umbrella for the storm that going on outside and snacks to brave the storm. We found where the old castle used to be by chance and read a great history of Ribe of what it was like during the Middle Ages.

Afterwards, we headed to the train station to book our overnight train to Berlin…only to find out that the train was completely sold out. We went back to our hostess and the. Room was still open for the night, so we decided to relax in Ribe for another night. She wound up making this delicious dinner and I found out that I like roasted red peppers (yay new food!) and she told us about the town crier that gives historic tours every night. Well, how could we pass that up? We met up with the group where he was giving the tour in both Danish and English and heard about some of the oldest buildings in town and the number of marriages that happen every year in the beautiful town hall. (27 in just one day during the summer, if that gives you any clue.) After a quick 45 minute tour, we called it a night since we had decided to make the morning train to Berlin.

I highly recommend a day trip or a visit to this beautiful city and be sure you stay with łonne!


Let it all out.

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