Copenhagen :: Happiest Place on Earth?

First off, let me apologize to everyone who has been following our adventure, we took some time off to relax, recoup, and see a few places. I also struggled with a case of writer’s block and laziness. But we’re back and going to make a conscious effort to keep this way more updated.

After our rainy Norway, we trained it across 2 countries to get to Copenhagen arriving later at night, easily finding our hostel and going up to our very compact dorm room. Which smelled like someone had never ever showered or heard of deodorant or Axe. It smelled like the nastiest BO I have ever encountered. Also, once again, I was the only female in a “mixed” dorm. So I sprayed a shit ton of my Febreeze, cried a little and went to sleep.

Luckily, the next morning, we woke up and he was packing his stuff and the smell slowly started to dissipate. We also did our favorite thing when visiting a new city…you guessed it! A free walking tour! We were able to see the town hall, an execution site, the harbor, the Amelienbourg Palace, the number 1 rated restaurant in the world and one of the best streets in Copenhagen. Seriously…goggle “Copenhagen”, look at the pics and you will see this…


Yeah!!!!! Don’t mind my crazy hair, it was very windy.

We also checked out the famous Little Mermaid statue, which lives up to its name. It is very small and quite crowded, but we managed to get a couple of quick pics in. Since we were starving at this point, we checked our some restaurants but found a grocery store, Rema 1000, and decided we could get much more food for way less. So we had a snack and were able to get a free dinner at the hostel. A dinner of chili con carne. Uhhhh, Denmark, let’s just stick with the smørrbord and leave the chili to the Southwest. We wound up sitting with a few Americans and an Australian during dinner and made fast friends, so we wound up drinking quite a bit, playing card games and hanging outside the hostel all night.

The next morning, still reeling from the night before, we checked out of the hostel, leaving our bags behind to do some more sightseeing. Hearing some great things about Christiana, we decided to check it out. Christiana is this commune within the city of Denmark that has its own culture, rules and is almost completely independent from the rest of the city. They also have the “green light district” as any good hippie commune would have and we saw quite a few people partaking in the activity. After a short jaunt through there, we had plans that needed to made, so we grabbed our bags, looked up trains times and made the 4 hour train ride to Ribe.


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