Cost Recap :: Norway

Well, Norway certainly lived up to its expensive expectations. For 3 days and 3 nights, we spent a boatload of money. Wahhhh.

1255 NOK :: Accommodation
257 NOK :: Food
108 NOK :: Bus Travel + Locker Storage
1620 NOK

which with the current exchange rate of about 5.9 NOK to $1 means that we spent a whopping…$274.57 (!!!!!) working itself out to only $45.25 each a day. WHAT?! That number was wayyyy lower than I was expecting. That’s what you get when you don’t go to any museums and just walk around.

As a side note, I did spend an additional 50 NOK for a seat reservation on the night train to Bergen, but George spent 1222 NOK on train travel to and from Bergen because he did not have a Eurail pass. I did not include these costs in our total as they were respective to the individual and not to the group. But, as you can see, having a Eurail saved a huge amount of money for me. Hehehe.


Let it all out.

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