Belfast :: 2 Easy Days

We arrived early in Liverpool to catch our 10:30am ferry, which we couldn’t book online due to our American cards. So, we showed up only for our cards to not work in person either. We had the check-in lady call a cab to take us to a bank to pull out some cash. We finally made it back to the ferry terminal where a bus took the foot passengers to the ferry. Which we sat on for an hour before we left. And then what I was fearing finally set in: seasickness. For 8 hours, the bumpy seas made George and I both feel very ill to the point that food did not sound good. That’s very strange for both of us.

The ferry we chose was Stena Line and to be completely frank, I will probably never choose to go with them again. They claim to have great amenities, but their theatre only shows movies in black and white when they are meant to be in color and they refuse to sell you deals when the offer is clearly valid. Being that I have been involved in advertising for some time now, I was more than happy to point out to the guest services that they were false advertising 🙂

We got into Belfast and there was this very insistent cab driver that gave us a great deal to take us to our hostel. Only drawback was that we had to share this cab with a man who was trying to be a woman and a deaf woman trying to be a man. And they were a couple. I guess love is love?

We had booked our hostel last minute and when we arrived, we were very pleased with our selection. It was clean, spacious and the owners were great. Really friendly and helpful since we were able to book our next day tour with them for a steal.

You may think we’re crazy, but the next day was a cold, rainy day so all we wanted to do was be inside. So, we went to the mall. And shopped. And ate Subway. But hey, we did walk there and back in the rain,so that’s gotta count for something. After walking back to the hostel, we hung out and Skyped with my mom and Dan. We then decided what better way to top off our “American day” than going to the movies. We went and saw We’re the Millers and it absolutely hilarious. I think we were cracking up at the jokes far more frequently and louder than any of the Irish. Deciding that a drink was in order after all that fun, we stopped by a liquor store and picked up a 2L, that’s right, a 2L bottle of Strongbow cider. It was delicious. We decided that staying in was a good idea since we were waking up early for our Giants’ Causeway Tour!

Giants’ Causeway
We were booked on a full day tour of the past of Northern Ireland including the famous Giants’ Causeway. We were picked up at 9:45 and taken to the larger coach where we would be sitting for the chunk of the day. Our tour guide was this Scottish man that had been in Northern Ireland for the past 25 years and has operated these tours since then. He was such a funny man and told stories and jokes the entire way as we gazed out onto the beauty of the coastline and some of the smaller towns along our route. We stopped at Carrick-a-rede rope bridge, which George and I declined to do since to cross a short bride to a island costs £5 each. We enjoyed watching people and getting eaten alive by gnats. We then stopped for lunch a small place that smelled of burning and was running out of food. It was unnecessarily expensive as well, so we split this steak and Guinness stew. After lunch, we went to Giants’ Causeway to see where Finn MacCool built his bridge to Scotland. Great local legend. We explored the area for over a hour and then boarded back up on the bus to head back to Belfast.

Best part of the tour: it only cost £16 a person!

We then headed over to the bus station to head down for some dubiousness in Dublin.


Let it all out.

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