London :: Day 8

A sad, sad day. It was our last day in one of my favorite cities. I was craving a bagel since I haven’t had a decent breakfast, really only toast and cereal, for almost a month. I had been hearing about this bagel place in East London called Beigel Bake. So, we made the trek (10 minute walk to the tube, 25 minute on the tube and another 15 minute walk) to the small little shop on Brick Lane. Well, the British clearly have not tasted bagels ever because this tiny little shop had flies a-buzzin’ and only plain bagel sandwiches already pre-made. I had already made almost an hour trip, so I was going to eat that damn bagel. I got the smoked salmon bagel for £1,60 and I have to say that it was no Chompie’s, but it was edible and I didn’t get food poisoning, so win-win in my book.

We then walked to the nearest tube station to go to the London Zoo, which was another free place to go with our Pass. The walk from the tube to the zoo was another 15 minutes and we were excited because we got to fast track it to the front. We got to the front to shoe our London Passes, and I am such a dope. I FORGOT MY LONDON PASS! Now, anyone who knows me knows that this is highly out of character. I’m an insane planner making sure that every detail is down to the tee. After this realization,I refused to not see the zoo, so we made an hour and 20 minute, 3.2 walking miles trip back to the hostel and back to the zoo to see the animals. I don’t know how, but I forgot that a scene from Harry Potter was filmed there, so I was pretty excited when I found this discovery in e reptile house. After seeing the lions, tigers and otters (oh my!), we still had some shopping to do!

We headed out for one of the busiest, if not THE busiest shopping area in London on Oxford Street and went to the equivalent of Forever 21 for a bit of shopping. We were mildly successful considering the store was jam packed and we were very overwhelmed.

So overall, with all of the mistakes, we walked almost 11 miles that day, so we just crashed after some TV and dinner.

We were heading to Wales in the morning!


Let it all out.

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