London :: Day 7

We had to get up somewhat early because today was Windsor day plus it was Sunday. The trains and tube run much slower and infrequently on Sundays. Since Windsor is outside of London, we had to catch either a bus or train there. We opted for the faster train, which actually was cheaper than the bus. Double win! It wound up being £9,90 return for each of us and since we had our Pass, we were able to see the castle for freeeeeee.

We got onto the grounds and joined a tour a little late, but still heard some great history about the castle and we were able to see where the Queen keeps her private residences. After the short tour was over, we checked out this incredible doll house from Princess Mary. It had working electricity and plumbing, plus real portraits and paintings by famous artists all in miniature. I asked George if he would buy it for me. He said yes. It delivers home next week.

Ha! I wish. A girl can dream.

We then went to the State Apartments where official functions are held along with ‘acquired’ items from the British colonial age. We walked through all of the ornate rooms and found out that a fire had started here in 1992, so most of the building was restored. Fires ruin all of the fun of history.

After checking out the rest of the grounds, snapping a quick photo of George with the guard,and grabbing a small bite, we made the trek back to society and London. Hehehe. We had afternoon tea to prepare for after all.

Well, we decided on afternoon tea at the Chesterfield Mayfair, a very nice hotel in a very swanky area of town. They were having a summer special of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory theme, so we got tea sandwiches, scones, and some of the most decadent desserts including the golden egg and a homemade Wonka bar. We ate everything and were so full, we felt like Violet Beauregard. We were a little blue and could be rolled away.

I needed to lay down after all of this food, so we decided to take the long way and walk back the 2 miles to our hostel. Neither of us ate dinner that night plus we were buzzing from the caffeine in our tea and all the sugar.

We also decided to stay an extra day in London since we felt that we still had some unfinished business. Woo hoo!!


Let it all out.

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