London :: Day 6

Ahhhhh, lazy weekends. George and I slept in until 11am! Sleep was obviously needed. We took our time getting ready and then headed out for a Harry Potter Tour with London Walks. It was fun getting to see where they filmed several scenes, plus the tour guide added several interesting historical facts about the area. He dropped us off at the inspiration for Diagon Alley and we left for High Holborn which has several older buildings of note. We wandered around aimlessly until our feet gave out and we headed back for some delicious Indian food near our hostel. I seriously don’t remember Indian being that pricey the last time I was there, but I guess it’s become pretty popular with tourists and locals alike. We decided to take a short walk around the neighborhood and go back for movie night.

Not too much to report for the day, but it was the “day off” that we needed.


Let it all out.

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