London :: Day 4

I woke up feeling much better on Thursday. After realizing that it was already Thursday and we were planning on leaving on Monday, we had too much to see in too little time. I wanted to be sure that George was able to see some of the more important London sites. So, after a quick breakfast, we were off to the tube heading east to the Tower of London. Dun dun dunnnn!

Well, apparently, everyone had the idea as us. But not everyone had our handy,dandy pass which allowed us to skip right in line and get to wander around the whole area. After looking at the original living quarters, the prison, some discarded crowns, we saw the line to look at the Crown Jewels and decided that lunch sounded better than a 2 hour wait. In search of food, we wound up in the Harbor area. We both decided on sandwiches for less than 5 quid (pounds) each and headed up to the Tower Bridge Exhibition all about the engineering and building of the bridge. It was…interesting? Definitely not my cup of tea, but the views from the skywalk bridge were incredible. Why pay almost £20 for the ‘Eye of London’ when you get great views of both sides of the city from the bridge?

After exploring the inner working of the bridge, we headed to one of my favorite places in the city, Borough Market! It was great to walk around the stalls with a Prosecco spritzer and beer (for George) in hand. We wound up just mostly sampling and walking around, but I did splurge a bit for this incredible dark chocolate sea salt caramel bar. If you anything about me, know that this my kryptonite.

We headed along Southwark to the famous Globe Theatre, although this one was completed as a replica in 1997. Although only a replica, it is styled and built in the same fashion as the original 2 Globes. We were even lucky enough to see part of the rehearsal for an opening show.

After such a long day and 6 miles walked, we headed back to the hostel for a small dinner and vegging out in front of the TV.


Let it all out.

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