London :: Day 3

Well, I woke up again with a sore throat and feeling less than fantastic, but I once again, forced myself out of bed, albeit, after 10am, but George had a hankering for some java and with our London Pass, we were able to each get a hot drink free from Crussh. Right across the street, there is the end of Hyde Park and Kensington Palace, so we went there to take a look around where Queen Victoria grew up. It was very beautiful and they had included several art exhibits about the royals that had lived there since it was built in 1689. After viewing everything, we started to explore a bit of the High Street Kensington area, very posh indeed, and settled on lunch at Whole Foods. Little bit of home. I got soup (I swear, this is my soup tour of Europe) and George had a mix of hot food stuff. Only upon check out did we realize that they had their restaurants upstairs. We were pretty bummed about that but were expecting it to be a bit different from home.

Still fighting whatever I had, we went back for a nap and relaxing at the hostel before embarking on a ‘Blood and Tears Walk’ with a great guide who actually researched all of the grim and gruesome parts of London throughout history. He took us past prisons, hanging sites, William Wallace execution site, Jack the Ripper suspect’s home and Sweeney Todd’s shop. Pretty neat and scary stuff at 10pm.

Afterwards, we came back to the hostel where I swear I had a couple of nightmares about serial killers. We had a big day planned for Thursday, so we wanted to get an early start.

By the way, might I add that the weather has been absolutely fantastic the entire time we’ve been here. No rain or really clouds in the sky with the average of 22*. Amazing for London!


Let it all out.

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