London :: Day 1

You sound like you’re from Lon-don! Yuk yuk yuk.

I am a genius. George seems to disagree. I found a bus for us from Inverness to London for only £13 each. I was pretty stoked on the deal, but this meant sitting on a bus for 12 hours and overnight. As the great George Constanza has said many a time, “George is not happy.” But I think we did fine and both got a few hours of sleep despite all the stops and swaying of the bus. We walked off the bus and into Victoria station a little bleary eyed and figured out a game plan for the day while we had Internet.

We had a few errands to run such as getting more money from the bank, buying our Oyster cards (a great deal, by the way, £35,40 for a week of travel through tube zones 1 + 2 and all buses), go to the Apple store to unlock George’s iPad, and do a bit of sightseeing.

Well, since the Travel Information Centre was closed when we were at Victoria station, we had to find the best way to get to our hostel. I figured out the buses (woot woot!) and we got on our first London bus. Except that in the middle of the original route, we were diverted and had to hop off the bus before we could go any further away from our hostel. Well, I took this as an opportunity for us to be able to walk through Hyde Park. It was just lovely. Perfect London summer morning albeit, I was a little warm with boots and a jacket from our journey.

45 minutes later, we made it to our hostel, Astor Hyde Park, and set down our big backpacks and chilled out in the common room for a bit. It was exactly what we needed.

I’m proud to say that we accomplished all of our errands first and got to walk in a very posh area of London. After the Apple store, we settled on sushi and found this crazy place with individually wrapped sushi to go from a place called WasabiWe got some salmon nigiri, salmon rolls and California rolls and sat down in a park to eat it. I have learned (or maybe re-confirmed) that I am the most uncoordinated, spastic eater known to man. I cannot eat or drink without spilling on myself or making some sort of mess. I swear, I should still be using sippy cups and having my food still spoon fed to me.

I made it through and from there, we walked to the *drum roll please* British Museum and quickly spent OUR ENTIRE afternoon there. Which, we could have probably spent 2 days there and not seen everything we wanted. We found the correct bus back the hostel and since we were both a little tired and feeling under the weather, we made some soup, watched movies and went to bed early.

I cannot wait for the next week in my favorite city in the world.


Let it all out.

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