Reykjavik :: Day 4 + Blue Lagoon

Hello all,

Sorry for such a delay in posting. We talk about slow Internet in the States, but the Internet over the past few days has been almost non-existent. Let’s start where we left off in Iceland. So, our last couple of days in Iceland were a bit dreary and here is a look at what we did.

Day 4
Our fourth day in Iceland was raining and not too exciting. We wound up venturing out in the city twice. Once for hotdogs (I still refuse to ask what’s in them. I operated under the don’t ask, don’t tell policy), and once the rain stopped, we took a long walk around some other parts of the city. Otherwise, we stayed in, lounged about and cooked.

Day 5
Our final day in Iceland! We had our plane booked for Edinburgh for 8pm that night, but we refused to leave Iceland without going to the famous Blue Lagoon. We found a company offering both bus ride from Reykjavik to the Blue Lagoon + admission and a ride to the airport from there for 9 800 ISK each. A little pricey, but a) cheaper than renting a car or b) paying for each individually since the Blue Lagoon goes off Euros. Delightful. Still, we woke up, checked out, and hung out in the hostel lounge until our bus picked us up at 1pm. Since we were part of a group, we got right in with these awesome blue electronic wristbands. Seriously some of the coolest things ever. We were able to buy things on them as well as open up lockers for our clothes. There is a storage place which is 500 ISK per bag, but what they don’t tell you is that they have large luggage lockers in front of the bathrooms which could have easily fit both of our big backpacks for free. Oh well, live and learn, I suppose. So, we went into our respective changing areas, where Europeans have no qualms about being in the nude. I, however, went into a private, locked room to change. Once you’re all ready to jump in the beautiful, steaming water, the bathroom attendants stop you and force you to take a shower with some of the “Blue Lagoon” products. So, walking outside, you are now wet and cold. But then, then you dip your feet into most amazing water ever, especially when it is 11* C out. We lounged about and put the free silica mud masks on for 2 hours before realizing that we were turning into prunes. We wanted to shower and wash all of the minerals off of us, however, it took 10 minutes and 16 squirts of conditioner for my hair to even resemble something that wasn’t straw. George had the same issues. On top of that, they are open shower stalls. Uhhh…let’s just say that nothing was left to the imagination. After getting back into some warmer clothes, we hopped on the bus and took off for the airport for our flight!

Here is a picture of the beautiful Lagoon:



Let it all out.

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