So…I Did It.

I quit my job. I quit my cosy, cushy, wonderful, amazing job.

Now begins the fun of planning and figuring out this insane European adventure.

WOW. Excuse me while I let out a few little hoots and howls.

A very abbreviated background for you first time readers:

A long, long time ago in a galaxy far away…okay, so maybe it wasn’t in a different galaxy and it really wasn’t that long ago, but here is a quick history of the George and Lauren story and how we are where we are.

George and I met during our sophomore year of college and immediately became inseparable. Having already been bitten by the never deadly, but always dangerous travel bug, I consequently signed George up as my travel buddy and started planning some incredible adventures from Seattle, Vancouver, Bellingham, San Francisco, up and down the coast of California, epic road trips to Missouri and up the Pacific Coast Hwy. He became my new favorite travel companion. In between all of this travel, I managed to study abroad in France for a semester and that travel bug turned into a travel disease. I believe the Doctor said that it is completely incurable at this point. Oh, darn.

Well now, 5.5 years, college degrees, living in both San Diego and Scottsdale, working full-time and many adventures later, we end up here. I have just quit my job to travel and start the next chapter in my life.

It’s a big leap of faith in the uncertainty and unknown, but I’ve always been the cannonball-in-the-deep-end type of girl.

Stay tuned for updates on our nearing adventure!

All for now,



One thought on “So…I Did It.

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